The newest addition to the products Jeannette’s Custom Cakes offers are amazing handmade custom cookies, and they are incredibly popular. It all starts with a scratch-made sugar cookie cut into the exact shape you want from Jeannette’s collection of over 200 cookie cutters. If we don’t have a cutter for the shape you want, we will find it, or the cookie can be cut by hand. Cookies are baked to a golden brown then iced by hand. Cookies can be boxed, individually bagged and sealed, or tied with a ribbon. Custom tags are also available.


Always exceeds my expectations! Love, love, love the cookies, and the cake was amazing!

Terry Lynn

What makes Jeannette better?

Custom & creative

We take your vision and create a masterpiece. Your order will be unique, and as detailed & intricate--or as simple and elegant--as you would like.

Fresh from the oven

No cake mix here! Everything is made from scratch, so you know what's in it. Nothing is pre-made, so you know what you are enjoying was made fresh for YOU. Our recipes are optimized for maximum deliciousness.

Experience & an expert eye

Formally trained in Graphic Design and taught by some of the most expert cake designers in the world, an extreme amount of skill and knowledge go into every creation.

Jeannette Orazietti

About the Designer

Owner and custom designer, Jeannette Orazietti was born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie. A graphic designer by trade, Jeannette's talent and passion for all-things creative led her to the world of cake design.