Merry Christmas everyone! or should I say Merry early Christmas! It sure feels that way around here! We’re busy getting things ready for your baking boxes and all your custom orders that you so graciously put in. But it wouldn’t be Christmas around here if we didn’t do our ever popular Christmas Cookies. Orders have been pouring in so far (benefits to being a member of our facebook page!)

Please keep in mind that we have a lot of orders come in this time of year, please read all of the information before ordering. You can email us right from the contact form on the website for any ordering. Orders will be closed off on December 10th, or when we sell out, whichever comes first.

christmas cookies

$3 – snowman, present, uglyish sweater, candle, boot, santa hat, holly or snowflake
$4 – large bow, santa, mrs. claus or rudolph
$6 – personalized gingerbread boy or girl
$7 or 3/$20 – snowman or my christmas things sleeve

$20 – our ever popular personalized santa pack. leave these goodies all packed up for santa on christmas eve.

– minimum order is 6 cookies for most days
– minimum order is ERASED for december 16th or 17th ONLY
– santa pack pick ups are december 23rd ONLY
– orders accepted until december 10th, or until we sell out


to every single one of you who agree to shop local this holiday season, we thank you. whether it be from us or from another local business, your business makes a difference to all of us.